Gannel to Crantock Beach

Approx 3 hours leisurely walk at low tide along the Gannel footpath taking you to Crantock Beach . Park beside the boating lake, or in the carpark along Gannel road (just off the A392). If you have parked beside the boating lake cross the road at the zebra crossing on the A392 and enter the footpath across the footbridge beside the road. If you park in the carpark you can navigate your way back to the footbridge via the footpath which runs parallel to the road.

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Follow the path to the left of the river and you will be taken on a flat walk close to the trees which flank the river. Watch out for horses which often use the track for exercise and access onto the river flats. After about half a mile you will reach the more sandy banks of the river which spread out across the flats to the river draining out to sea on the right of the valley.

Bejowan Walks_Gannel to Crantock Beach1

Be careful of the soft sand where you may sink your feet into it quite easily. You will approach the low bridge which straddles the river at low tide, allowing you to cross the river if required. Children can often be seen fishing for crabs off the bridge! We choose to stay on the left and continue out to the beach around the cliff as it juts out on the left.After clambering over a few rocks the river opens up allowing access to crantock beach. As you walk out, the beach opens up into a vast expanse of sand.Bejowan Walks_Gannel to Crantock Beach2

Once you have enjoyed the pleasures of the beach popular with dog walkers , families and surfers, ( although never looking crowded due to its size ) you can track back along the line of the river into the estuary. As you walk back into the estuary you can retrace your steps along the right hand side to the bridge, or paddle through the river and walk along the left hand bank. Which ever way you choose you will reach the bridge you passed on the way out.

Bejowan Walks_Gannel to Crantock Beach3

Once you pass the bridge you will pass many boats tied up in the estuary hinting at the history of the river which included a boatyard. The river is also a good place to spot all manner of wading birds and other wildlife feeding in the river. You will eventually come across the carpark on Gannel road. If you parked by the boating lake you can walk up the road to the crossing on the main road. Refreshments available in the Café next to the boating lake if required !